Yes, Bree went through a black leather phase.


Sorry about the long delays everyone, but this is turning into a remarkably awful summer. The whole family is still recovering from some nameless respiratory crud that gave the 4 year old occasional rocket-propelled nosebleeds. We’ve all lost a few shirts, and his bunkbed looked like a crime scene for a while.

My shop where I do most of my work has been rendered almost uninhabitable by the steady 100 degree temperatures lately. I have a portable AC unit, but since there is no insulation out there, it can’t do much good. The shop is really just a plywood box with a tin roof, so basically the kind of place the commandant always puts Steve McQueen’s character whenever he bucks authority.

I can work out there a little while every day, but eventually, I start feeling light-headed and nauseous, and I have to quit.

I’m working on setting something up in the bedroom closet where I’ve found enough shelf space to maybe use a laptop. We’ll see how it goes. If I can squeeze the Wacom tablet in there too, we might be in business. It’s sort of poetic really. Since I began my digital art career working in a closet, I should feel right at home.

So, yeah, if you’re lookin’ to make the big bucks, kids, us Webcomics artists are just rollin’ in the green. 8)


I also just noticed that I haven’t been receiving my usual email notifications, and now there is a huge stack of comments from new users awaiting moderation. As far as moderators go, there is only me and the Dracomage, and he’s kind of a dick, so I’ll do my best to go through and flag them for approval now.