Apologies again, everyone. It took me a while to track Mr. Hunter down after I discovered him missing from his cell.

I eventually found him somewhere on the Elemental Plane of Shadowiness where he seemed to be engaged in a rather heated debate with a dead negasquirrel. To his credit, he seemed to be winning the argument.

Finally getting a word in edgewise, I demanded to know when he was planning to draw another page of Delve. His response proved less than encouraging, composed as it was mainly of incoherent shrieking and mewling noises.

With the aid of several minions, I was eventually able to subdue our wayward artist and return him safely to the sanitarium. At least that’s what we’re calling the vermin-infested hole where we’re keeping him these days.

This is what we were eventually able to extract from him, following a rather intensive “therapy” session.

Honestly, I have no idea what’s going on in this episode, but at least it has a topless Bree, so, I’m not gonna argue.

Hope you all enjoy it!