Notable Characters of the Delve and Beyond

[Spoiler Warning!]

 Character_BreeName: Bree Starval
Race: Wood Elf
Profession: Rogue
First Appearance: Episode 1
The protagonist of our tale, Bree has entered the Delve in search of her kidnapped friend, Princess Sephni. She is a skilled rogue and a loyal friend, but suffers from a tendency to find herself in embarrassingly unpleasant situations.


Name: Tealanna VanBloop
Race: Slime
Profession: Optimist
First Appearance: Episode 5
Teal is the first friend that Bree made in the Delve, after her capture by the lizard men. Teal is a friendly slime girl who has chosen a more humanoid appearance than the rest of her family. She loves life and everything in it, and always tries to see the best side of everyone and everything around her.


Name: The Dracomage
Race: Dracomage
Profession: Master of the Forbiddenest of Magics
First Appearance: Episode 54
The Dracomage is the creator of the Delve itself and, though he does not control all of the many factions of creatures residing within the Delve, he does his best to keep them all in line. In his spare time, he enjoys defeating high-level parties of delvers, mocking his fellow wizards, and occasionally helping out visiting rogues… which is not weird at all. Perhaps he is only helping her so that he can later crush her spirits when he reveals his evil master plan. Did you ever think of that? No, I didn’t think so, huh. That’s what you get for assuming things about other people’s motives.


Name: Sephnirelle Elethesaar Vanwe
Race: High Elf
Profession: Princess
First Appearance: Episode 33
Bree’s friend Sephni was kidnapped from the elven city of Elfenvaar by monsters on her wedding night, despite Bree’s heroic efforts to stop them. The kidnappers’ trail led back to the Delve, but all attempts to rescue her have so far proven futile.


Name: Lady Capria Starbane
Race: Shadow Elf
Profession: High Executor of House Starbane
First Appearance: Episode 33
Capria is a friend of both Bree and Sephni, but, after the shadow elves were accused of Sephni’s abduction, Capria and her fellow shadow elves were forced to flee back into the underworld to escape the high elven council’s wrath. She is a fearsome warrior and a cunning spell-weaver as well.


Name: Melric
Race: Human
Profession: Magician

Name: Thorden Maxhammer
Race: Dwarf
Profession: Fiter

Name: Nimrol Fizzlebottom
Race: Gnome
Profession: Fixineer

First Appearance: Episode 1

These three hapless delvers comprised the surviving members of Bree’s original party with which she entered the Delve. They abandoned her to the mercies of the lizard men in order to save their own skins and have been wandering, lost, in the Delve ever since.



Name: Branwell Carington Phawkes
Race: Felinian
Profession: Hunter
First Appearance: Episode 58
Phawkes entered the Delve in pursuit of the last living member of the gang of Ver-men that assassinated his people’s beloved emperor. The sworn enemy of Beddigan the wererat, he now finds himself bound by honor in an uneasy truce with the very person whose head he once hoped to mount above his mantle back home.



Name: Beddigan Breggs
Race: Wererat
Profession: Fugitive
First Appearance: Episode 37
Once a slave of the Felinian Empire, Beddigan was among the small group of rebels who rose up against the cruel Emperor of that cat-like race. They succeeded in defeating the sorcerer lord of the cat people, though at great cost. Pursued by those like the blood-thirsty huntsman Phawkes. Beddigan and the other rebels were forced to flee, far from the world they had known before, trying to escape the vengeance of those who now sought their lives. Beddigan hid himself in the depths of the Delve, and prayed that he had dug deep enough to find peace for the first time in his life.



Name: Rosa VanBloop
Race: Slime
Profession: Freedom Fighter
First Appearance: Episode 50
Rosa is Teal’s sister, though the two of them have nothing in common, save their love for one another and their corrosive digestive juices. While Teal tends to look at the bright side of things, Rosa can only brood over the injustices heaped upon her people by the savage Uberlanders.



Name: Theodore VanBloop
Race: Slime
Profession: Former Sanitation Engineer
First Appearance: Episode 179
Teal’s cousin was once an up-and-coming carrion-sweeper on the upper levels of the Delve. Unfortunately for him, he ran afoul of a party of adventurers who needed ten vials of slime acid for a quest. His soul now resides peacefully in the realm of the All-Mother.



Name: Ulbert the Underdoer
Race: Cookie Gnome
Profession: King
First Appearance: Episode 65
Ulbert was never content to rule the Cookie Kingdom the way his father had wished that he might. It was not enough for him to produce the finest baked goods between Levels 10 and 35 of the Delve. When the Hemogoblyns began to push for more blood drives in cookie gnome territory, he felt he had no choice but to make some changes. Now the cookie gnomes control over 75% of the world’s Fabulite resources, and King Ulbert has led his people into a new age of prosperity, though at what cost to his people’s souls and waistlines, only time will tell.



Name: Kestrel
Race: Moon Elf
Profession: Red Fang Assassin (Mage)
First Appearance: Episode 112
Kestrel is a skilled magician and one of the only two survivors of the original team of assassins sent by the high elves to kill Lady Capria in retaliation for the kidnapping of Princess Sephni. He cares greatly for his teammates and holds undying loyalty to the Red Fang, but he is beginning to question the truth behind the kidnapping plot.



Name: Tasche
Race: High Elf Vampire
Profession: Red Fang Assassin
First Appearance: Episode 148
Tasche became Kestrel and Tyra’s Control Agent in the Red Fang when their former commander, Captain Cynder, was killed by Capria. Tasche has been sent into the Delve to clean up the mess and insure that no one involved in the affair lives to speak of it.



Name: Tyra
Race: High Elf
Profession: Red Fang Assassin
First Appearance: Episode 42
Tyra lost most of her left ear when she was captured by the shadow elves, following a failed attempt on Lady Capria’s life. She lost her commander as well to Capria’s blade, and subsequently lost her faith in the leadership of her people when Prince Kindall ascended the throne. She is presently doing her best to survive in Kindall’s war against the orcs, and hoping that her former companion Kestrel can find the Princess before it is too late.



Name: Lyca
Race: Valryn
Profession: Chief
First Appearance: Episode 69
Lyca was selected Chief of her generation’s Chosen, not only because of her skill in battle, but for her cleverness and the admiration she inspired in friends and enemies alike. She has led the Chosen to victory after victory in their hunt for glorious deaths, and some among them have begun to speculate that she isn’t really taking the whole “glorious death” thing seriously enough.



Name: Kindall Dawnfel
Race: High Elf
Profession: Shifty Bastard (presently King of the Elves)
First Appearance: Episode 33
Kindall is Princess Sephni’s beloved husband, though she was abducted by monsters on the night of their wedding. Some have begun to suspect that it was not the shadow elves who were behind the abduction as Kindall claims. (Spoiler: He was totally behind it!)



Name: The Moonblade
Race: Sword
Profession: Sword
First Appearance: Episode 136
She is the living embodiment of the soul of the intelligent moon elf blade that Bree used to slay the Arachnodaemon of the Dreamin’ Web Pit. The Moonblade has never gotten on particularly well with the wood elf rogue, whom she considers to be dishonorable by nature, but Bree has promised to deliver her to someone worthy to wield her. Things took a turn for the worse when the Moonblade found herself transmogrified into elven form, following a glitch in the spell that brought Bree and herself to the realm of the Dracomage.



Name: Ssithikus the Potent
Race: Lizard Man
Profession: King
First Appearance: Episode 10
Ssithikus rules the lizard men of Level 17 with benevolence and wisdom, or at least he thinks he does. He spends his days enjoying fine beverages and regaling his entourage with tales of his marital prowess. He is occasionally called upon to settle some minor dispute among the members of his rather extensive harem, but, for the most part, they, like the rest of his subjects, get along fine without him.



Name: Paraxyss the Ravager
Race: Naga
Profession: Ravager
First Appearance: Episode 15
Paraxyss is a powerful naga warrior with a sadistic streak. Cunning, but given to fits of bloodlust, she is a dangerous foe to have… although being her friend isn’t necessarily any safer.



Name: Nefice
Race: Naga
Profession: Sorceress
First Appearance: Episode 7
Nefice has spent a number of years using the resources placed at her disposal by her titular husband Ssithikus to plan her recovery of a book entitled The Alabaster Idol. When she brings a captured elven rogue named Bree Starval into her plans, things do not go as expected.



Name: The Alabaster Idol
Race: Gorgon
Profession: Goddess
First Appearance: Episode 90
Something of an anti-gorgon, she was dubbed “The Nogrog” by her valryn captors. She joined Bree, willingly, in her search for the naga sorceress Nefice. She must struggle to come to grips with what it means to be the Alabaster Idol of her people.



Name: Bleek
Race: Drakon
Profession: Former Spy
First Appearance: Episode 146
Bleek was a competent, though not particularly brave servant of the Cult of Draxxorel, brokering deals and arranging ambushes, until he met his fate at the hands of agents of the Red Fang. He did, however, fulfill his ultimate desire to be devoured… just not by his ravenous god.



Name: Tuul
Race: Drakon
Profession: Cultist #237
First Appearance: Episode 232
Tuul, formerly #643 in line to be consumed by the Devourer upon his blessed return, was ecstatic to find out that he’d been promoted, following the “Great Explodening” of the Temple of Elemental Appetites. Tuul survived the blast only because he had been sent to clean out the undersewers on the day the temple itself was destroyed. While he feels bad for all of his friends whose meat went to waste in some stupid explosion, he doesn’t really miss their constant teasing and the random beatings he suffered at their hands over the years… no, on second thought, he doesn’t feel bad after all… Those guys sucked.



Name: Lassa Do’Ranai
Race: Naga
Profession: Former Receptionist
First Appearance: Episode 219
Lassa made the mistake of turning her back on Bree during a preliminary interrogation and woke up to find her prisoner had escaped. The Dracomage, displeased with her failure, sent her to fight for her life against the Moonblade in the arena. Lassa did her best, despite her total lack of combat training, but proved no match for the living embodiment of an enchanted weapon.



Name: Jennifer Balfour
Race: Human
Profession: Student
First Appearance: Week 38 Vote Incentive
Identifying entities from alternate realms of existence requires the scryer to gather at least 350 GP worth of ritual objects before preforming a six-month ritual, during which time, he will not be able to participate in any delves and will be considered Exhausted and Unable to Dodge if attacked. A sacrifice of a gem of no less that 1000 GP value is also required, being consumed in the ritual, even if the attempt at Identification is a failure.– Delver’s Handbook, Page 235