Some of our previous Vote Incentives

Bonus26 Week 26 “Downtime”: Bree enjoying some downtime.
Bonus27 Week 27 “Standard Bearer”: A Valryn standard bearer.
Bonus28 Week 28 “Dragon Rider”: A glimpse of a very special level of the Delve known only as the Infernal Rodeo.
Bonus29 Week 29 “The Portswich Horror”: A scandalous image of a helpless maiden, menaced by a tentacled beast while she bathes.
Bonus30 Week 30 “No Escape”: Another “Alternate Universe” pic. In this one, unfortunately, Bree was not able to convince the Moonblade to help her out against the Arachnodaemon, and she can only struggle helplessly as the demon spider settles down to a well-earned meal.
Bonus31 Week 31 “Yielded”: I had a request for Bree to try on her gladiatrix outfit and have a go at the arena. I think she needs a little more practice.
Bonus32 Week 32 “Snaked”: I had a request for Bree to find herself up close with something scaly.
Bonus33 Week 33 “Syn’Di”: A sketch of a new character that may or may not appear in an upcoming story arc. Let me know what you think of her.
Bonus34 Week 34 “Popular”: Bree has made some new friends, and they don’t seem quite ready to let her leave the party.
Bonus35 Week 35 “Markup”: A little glimpse of the Umpkerneckle Tribe of Cave Imps who live on level twelve. They’ve come to regard the never-ending supply of Delvers coming down from above as a sort of renewable resource and have developed a variety of methods for collecting and domesticating these wild creatures that once proved such a challenge to their existence.
Bonus36 Week 36 “Barker’d”: We see how things might have turned out differently for the Jakaali King, if Paraxyss hadn’t shown up when she did.
Bonus37 Week 37 “Lurker Below”: We get a glimpse of an alternate reality wherein Bree and the Moonblade spent one too many rounds in the puddle.
JenLetter Week 38 “Jen Gets a Letter”: I’ve never mentioned it before, but there is another level of reality behind the events taking place in the Delve, and I think it’s time that I started giving you a little glimpse into something that is happening in a realm far beyond the control of the Dracomage. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t recognize the young woman in the bonus art this week, but I assure you that much will hinge on her decisions in the days to come.
Bonus39 Week 39 “Eternal Struggle”: We see what our two favorite naga ladies might be up to at the moment.
Bonus40 Week 40 “SDTV”: One of the scrapped strips was a scene where the Moonblade demanded to be cleaned. Of course the pain imps were happy to oblige by summoning the old Six Demon Tongue Vortex.
Bonus41 Week 41 “Alterations”: I address another continuity error from a previous comic. This one goes back quite a bit, and will hopefully answer some questions I had regarding the error in question.
Bonus42 Week 42 “Packed Off”: We meet Zorn Lowbeard who is the most experienced guide in the Delve, but, if you are thinking of hiring him for your next expedition, keep in mind that he has a very low tolerance for short jokes, and he knows people that can make you disappear.
Bonus43 Week 43 “Lyca’s Wolf”: We see a young Lyca in her first encounter with the anatomically improbable Gyre Wolves of the demonic realm she calls home.
Bonus44 Week 44 “Amateurs”: I liked the idea of Paraxyss’s adventures in the underworld so much that I thought I’d go ahead and give you another glimpse as to how she’s spending her time these days.
Bonus45 Week 45 “Tomb Rot”: This week’s pic is a bit autobiographical, in that I spent the better part of last week feeling about the way the poor Dracomage looks in this one.
Bonus46 Week 46 “Snugg’d”: We meet a creature of the Delve known as a Gankamite. Although a powerful wish spell cast by a gnomish cleric reversed their alignments nearly a century ago, rendering them far less dangerous, they are by no means any less annoying.
Bonus47 Week 47 “Insomnia”: We return to that other world that exists beyond the Delve to find that Jen is having trouble sleeping.
Bonus48 Week 48 “Quest Chains”: We consider what might have happened if Bree and Teal had still been on the same quest.
Bonus49 Week 49 “Sqwyrmy”: We take a closer look at Bree’s introduction to Shockwyrms.
Bonus50 Week 50 “Enchanted Bonds”: Bree demonstrates the proper way to bind a rogue.