Some of our previous Vote Incentives

Bonus51 Week 51 “Recalcitrant”: We get a glimpse of what’s happening on the arena floor while Bree and the Dracomage discuss the terms of their arrangement.
Bonus51 Week 52 “Princess in Peril”: We look back in time to find Princess Sephni waiting to learn what dark fate awaits her in the depths of the Temple.
Bonus52 Week 53 “Delver Dogs”: Bree pays a visit to one of the most popular Giantkin eateries.
Bonus53 Week 54 “Enhanced”: We get a glimpse of the first dress that the Dracomage offered Bree.
Bonus54 Week 55 “Calling in the Professionals”: We see that poor Paraxyss is still suffering the unending torments of the underworld.
 Bonus55 Week 56 “The Clothes That Time Forgot”: Bree makes a new friend.
 Bonus57 Week 57 “Charla”: We meet Charla, a character that may or may not appear in an upcoming comic, depending on how lazy I am about drawing legs.
 Bonus58 Week 58 “Abdication”: Bree gets a little too close to the man behind the curtain.
 Bonus59 Week 59 “Toothpick”: Chasta Mistrike, former owner of the Voidrage armor, enjoying her new career in Dental Hygiene.
 Bonus60 Week 60 “Jingle”: Kayce is starting to wonder if those Jakaali are ever going to come back for her.
 Bonus61 Week 61 “Fatecaller”: Even the most worldly delver will often stop to leave a gold piece at the Fatecaller’s shrine. Woe be to any delver so clueless or drunk to leave the coin heads up.
 Bonus62 Week 62 “Appetizer “: A little pinup of Bree and Paraxyss enjoying a quiet moment before dinner.
 Bonus63 Week 63 “It’s obviously the green wire, idiot!”: Another glimpse of the torture mice at work on Moonblade. Well, sort of…
 Bonus64 Week 64 “Auld Acquaintance”: We wonder what might happen if Lassa spent New Years Eve teaching Moonblade the unfamiliar advantages of her new form.
 Bonus65 Week 65 “Mine!”: Not all dragons prefer treasure.
 Bonus66 Week 66 “Stop Squirming”: Bree finds herself trapped in another alternate timeline, where, perhaps Sephni’s abductors had chosen to bring her along as well.
 TealValentine Week 67 “Happy Valentine’s”: I had a request from the creator of Sarah Zero to join in on this year’s “Valentine’s Day Sex Drive”, so I came up with something special for the Vote Incentive Art
 Bonus68 Week 68 “Chick Magnet”: Although the immature cockatrice lacks the lethal gaze of its mother, the chicks can still prove quite dangerous on their own.
 Bonus69 Week 69 “Mostly Outrageous”: Recent changes in harem management have allowed Yeena the freedom to pursue her more creative passions.
 Bonus70 Week 70 “Jen’s Nightmare”: Jen’s sleep is troubled by a recurring dream.
 Bonus71 Week 71 “Fiber and Pulp”: We glimpse some of the horror that awaits anyone unfortunate enough to be taken alive by the sadistic slime goddess!
 Bonus72 Week 72 “Exiting the Arena”: By request, we get another look at Moonblade as she exits the arena in weary triumph.
 Bonus73 Week 73 “Packing”: Jen finds an old friend in the closet while packing.
Week 74 “???”:
Week 75 “???”: