Some of our previous Vote Incentives

Bonus1 Week 1: A look at where Nefice came by the original arachnodaemon silk gear.
Bonus2 Week 2: What might have happened if Bree’s encounter with the Jakaali had gone a bit differently.
Bonus3 Week 3 “Epic Mount”: Another “What If?” scenario with Bree doing her best pony impression.
Bonus4 Week 4 “Tipsy”: We return to the days when Paraxyss had the leisure to relax in the company of the guests in her private dungeon. This lucky elf chap is about to discover that Paraxyss has been at the bottle again, and she’s feeling a bit playful.
Bonus5 Week 5 “Teal’s Wedding”: A glimpse at the moment when Teal joined in wedded bliss with Ssithikus, King of the Lizardmen.
Bonus6 Week 6 “Dangerous Waters”: A young valryn finds that cave diving in the delve can be a risky prospect.
Bonus7 Week 7 “Slimes Unite!”: Rosa occasionally likes to do some recruiting in the upper levels of the Delve.
Bonus8 Week 8 “Spin the Bottle”: Paraxyss prefers a bit of sport when she has the leisure to do things properly, so this week we see how Paraxyss plays “Spin the Bottle”.
Bonus9 Week 9 “About to Slip Down”: Bree’s rewarding career as a Fabulite miner. It gets hot in those mines, and she’s looking a little wilty.
Bonus10 Week 10 “Dragon Chow”: We find our hapless elven rogue, once again at the mercy of another ravenous beast.
Bonus11 Week 11 “Yeena’s Capture”: I’ve had a lot of requests to see more of the gnoll girl from episode 176. This week, we see the moment she wound up in captivity.
Bonus12 Week 12 “Happy Thanksgiving!”: Paraxyss taking a moment to show her thanks for a truly bountiful year.
Bonus13 Week 13 “Checkup”:We learn about a thriving community of pet battlers among the creatures of the Delve. The most talented pet trainers have even added the occasional hapless delver to their stables. Fortunately, the skilled pet doctors are always on hand to patch their pets up between battles.
Bonus14 Week 14 “Left Hanging”: We pay another visit to Paraxyss’s dungeon. The guests there have started to wonder where she has gone and when she’ll be back. It’s been a while since they’ve been fed.
Bonus15 Week 15 “Noob Gear”: One of Bree’s first excursions into the Delve. Though most novice delvers don’t waste their precious coin paying to have their starting gear repaired, its inevitable failure can occur at the most inopportune times.
Bonus16 Week 16 “Broth”: Bree enjoys a little soup in her off time.
Bonus17 Week 17 “Inventory Space”: How Varn more than doubled his inventory space, just by finding that Wand of Charm Person!
Bonus18 Week 18 “Rune Removal”: An alternate reality in which, as some readers suggested, Nefice took a more personal approach to removing Bree’s curse rune.
Bonus19 Week 19 “Skin of the Teeth”: How Bree lost that apron that she looted from the chef boss.
Bonus20 Week 20 “Pest Control”: A valryn managing a bit of a drakesnake infestation.
Bonus21 Week 21 “Matchup”: We learn why they stopped using the random opponent generator at the Saturday Night Pit Fights.
Bonus22 Week 22 “Black Web”: We see that not all shadow elf novitiates make it through the trial of the black web.
Bonus23 Week 23 “Nefice’s Daydream”: We get a glimpse into one of Nefice’s daydreams.
Bonus24 Week 24 “Teal”: Just a little pinup of Teal.
Bonus25 Week 25 “Tasche”: A closer look at the Red Fang assassin.